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  • 2018 Ford Focus

    11 customer reviews
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Helpful comments (6)

  • Jul 2020
    Very impressed overall
    —Gary S - 2018 Ford Focus TREND 1.5P/6AT
  • Jun 2020
    No issues with the vehicle so far. It's an all-round excellent car.
    —Blair M - 2018 Ford Focus RS 2.3L Turbo AWD
  • Feb 2020
    Very nice car to drive with a modern look. I like the additional features including the gps and the interactive system for hands free. Nice touch
    —Terence A - 2018 Ford Focus Trend EcoBoost
  • Jan 2020
    We had a Focus in Europe and we loved the car. It's strange that the volume of the navigation can't be changed in the settings
    —Govert V - 2018 Ford Focus Trend 1.5P
  • Jan 2020
    I have only had the Ford Focus for one week & so far so good * It goes extremely well & it does everything I want. I am very happy with it & I absolutely love it
    —Sandra E - 2018 Ford FOCUS TREND 1.5P/6AT
  • Nov 2019
    Really enjoying the drive top vehicle
    —Beaudene L - 2018 Ford Focus Trend


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